Denuded [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Denuded:

Finally, on the ownership question the company’s filing is surprisingly denuded of data.

That night he encamped near a fair-sized village which was ominously denuded of men.

Charles Lamb once, while riding in company with a lady, descried a party denuded for swimming a little way off.

Really the best method is to make a round denuded spot by twirling a small brad-awl.

To Dangerfield, the proof seemed slight—what was there in the denuded room to entice a thief?

These are tall pine-trees, denuded of their lower branches, a small tuft being left at the top.

Anne-Marie was asleep, and Nancy sat down in the denuded room where everything belonging to her had already been put away.

The trees had become denuded of their branches, so the god discharged arrows at them, which provided them with new boughs.

At the landing the trees were cut off just like shearing a sheep and the denuded section hauled back to it's original place.

The Capital and the fortified places will be denuded, and all who are available will march out to meet them.