Denunciatory [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Denunciatory:

The question then arises, is this the same company Ezekiel sees once more and against which he utters his denunciatory message?

But his fervor was all stage fire, and he would turn in an instant from a denunciatory Psalm to a humorous story.

She smarted still at the cartoons and denunciatory editorials in which she had so frequently been singled out for attack.

Among other things, a Mr. Louaillier published a denunciatory newspaper article.

And the Banjara spread his big palm in a denunciatory way toward the dying dog.

All reformers are apt to be radical in their own views and denunciatory of the opinions of others.

Besides this class there was another, composed of friends, whom Garrison's denunciatory style offended.

The names of the several fashionable dressmakers were quoted as authority for this, and denunciatory of that.

Probably Carlyle earned the name in consequence of the oracular and denunciatory elements in his later writings.

A most complete picture of retribution in a moral essay, set forth in the most denunciatory lines.