Departments [noun]

Definition of Departments:

section of organization, area

Synonyms of Departments:

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Sentence/Example of Departments:

We would classify these two departments in this way, though in the highest dramatic work elements of both phases are combined.

Correspondence formed but a small part in his method of dealing with departments.

Many other officers to head important departments were also received.

But it must not be forgotten that both the departments themselves and the evidence for them frequently overlap.

Let it be understood that the old gentleman was employed in Yarmouth under one of the departments of the Board of Trade.

Nearly every room was occupied, and the committees were showing great skill in assigning things to the different departments.

The structure and functions of the various state departments were also changed by this act to make each department more effective.

Without this, all their several departments are hurried through or neglected in some important respect.

Few men ever performed greater literary labors, and in so many of its departments.

History is a boundless field of inquiry; no man can master it in all its departments and periods.