Depend [verb]

Definition of Depend:

count on, rely upon

Synonyms of Depend:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depend:


Sentence/Example of Depend:

There is something to be said for my colleague Barry Svrluga’s notion that continuing to play the anthem nightly gives people the chance to stand with hand-on-heart or kneel, depending on how they feel.

If your site depends on Google Images for traffic, you may have already noticed changes to your traffic back in November.

Their survival depended on working together, and over many difficult hours, they took turns saving each other.

It depends on the views, and where they are on the political scale.

This pot may grow or shrink during the game depending on your ongoing wins or losses.

“To make these races competitive depends on recruitment, and that process is just now beginning,” said Jessica Taylor, Senate expert at the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

You’ll find differing degrees of how big of a deal this is depending on who you ask.

Sunday’s forecast depends on just how far south an Arctic front pushes.

In another sense, part of his legacy will spin in a different direction depending on this Super Bowl.

Whether stiffer fines will act as a deterrent, however, will depend on whether state officials actually enforce the penalties.