Dependable [adjective]

Definition of Dependable:

reliable, responsible

Synonyms of Dependable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dependable:

Sentence/Example of Dependable:

Calgary’s Jacob Markstrom is perhaps the only goaltender in the division who can be called a dependable starter this season.

They’re not as reliant on Irving being dependable and engaged.

Wired might be dependable, but it’s not always as convenient as wireless.

Second, as Grantham writes, “The single most dependable feature of the late stages of the great bubbles of history has been really crazy investor behavior, especially on the part of individuals.”

All at once Sara Lee saw the little parlor at home, and Harvey, gentle, rather stolid and dependable.

It had been done at twilight with striking boldness, and no dependable trace of the kidnappers had been found.

His knowledge of villages and rancheros was more dependable than that of the vaqueros; he would know the names of safe men.

He paused as his mind evidently went searching among his men for one dependable.

Uncle Dan'l was a favorite, too-kind-hearted and dependable, while his occasional lockjaw gave him an unusual distinction.

So being at a loss, she resorted to the chief item in her stock in trade, her ever dependable dignity.