Depended [verb]

Definition of Depended:

count on, rely upon

Synonyms of Depended:

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Sentence/Example of Depended:

Fees depend on age and gender, but Sanchez said a customer would typically pay around $500 per-year or roughly between $40 and $50 per-month.

When there are multiple qubits, their possible states can get tangled up, so that each one’s state depends on the states of all the others.

Theoretically, there may be reasons to expect polls will be worse going forward, but that depends on identifying the reasons for the 2020 error first.

Some research on the prevention of other respiratory illnesses suggests that a cloth mask’s effectiveness depends on many factors, including wearing the mask properly over both the nose and mouth.

The two new laptops also get about 50% to 100% longer battery life than Intel models, depending on the applications used.

All cryptographic protocols rest on assumptions — some, such as the famous RSA algorithm, depend on the widely held belief that standard computers will never be able to quickly factor the product of two large prime numbers.

It’s hard to tell when it actually kicks in because the camera uses scene recognition tech to switch between contrast AF, phase detection AF, and Lidar depending on what makes the most sense for the shooting situation.

It’s not yet clear when all the necessary remaining data will be completed and be made available—it largely depends on when the remaining 70 infections will occur.

The actual cost will depend on how much you use it, but I would estimate less than $1 per month to run thousands of tests.

His roster chances depend on the club’s view of Kieboom and how it wants to construct a five-man bench.