Deployment [noun]

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The UAE’s decision makes it the first foreign country to follow China’s lead in deploying a vaccine ahead of completing final-stage clinical trials, underscoring China’s growing clout in the global vaccine race.

He declined to provide any details about the software Mastercard is using to deploy its test network, other than to say it involves blockchain—the same technology on which Bitcoin is built.

Organization and communication can get support from society, and that can change everything, including what governments plan to deploy.

We’re not going to be able to do this in a year or one election cycle because the resources that the current duopoly have to deploy, to play their game, are substantial.

Simulations suggest that as much as 30% of Vera Rubin’s images will be plagued by at least one Starlink satellite trail when the full constellation is deployed.

She also said that additional staff members were deployed to New Orleans to maintain visit frequencies during the pandemic, and that nurse visits were not limited to once every two weeks.

Apple and Google announced Tuesday that they will deploy digital contact-tracing tools on behalf of state and other public health authorities.

We believe that in order to make real change, business leaders in our country should deploy our collective resources to help benefit society.

It could generate big sales and profits outside of selling Teslas by supplying batteries to other carmakers, or deploying new technologies.

Still, training and deploying those staffers to be truly effective will take time.