Deponent [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Deponent:

And this deponent expressly declares, that every offer made by Major Andr to them was promptly and resolutely refused.

Next day a friend of Duny's told deponent that a certain old woman was severely burned.

On hearing this, deponent went to the old woman's house, and found her grievously scorched.

Subsequently Jones told deponent that ever since the old hag kissed his hand he felt ill.

Filmore spoke to this Deponent several times about rising upon the Pyrates, whilst this Depont.

Deponent, being duly sworn, saith: My taste in poetry is for delicate and fragile things—to be honest, for artificial things.

Deponent thought that he, or she, would risk the experiment at the price.

Throughout the Danish, Swedish and Feroic, this verb is used as a deponent.

Deteriorations, through no fault of his, are at the expense of the deponent (Art. 1935).

We act in Boston on the 3d of December; "further than that the deponent sayeth not."