Deposing [verb]

Definition of Deposing:

oust from position

Synonyms of Deposing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deposing:

Sentence/Example of Deposing:

The new government waged war against the deposed president, eventually capturing him in Acapulco and executing him soon after.

In the lull of waiting, Aaron Logan wondered—wondered how one so small hoped to depose one so fierce and stubborn.

We may now regard the claim of the Pope to depose princes as a harmless dream; but at that time it was a stern reality.

If they want to depose him, I only wish they would not set me up as a competitor.

The first step they took was to depose their faint-hearted Viceroy and set up Liniers in his place.

He could depose prelates and excommunicate the greatest personages; he enjoyed enormous revenues; he was vicegerent of the Pope.

The curate, properly managed, may depose to the contrary; and then we will indict them all for forgery and conspiracy.

When will philosophy come to our aid and depose this silly rose-pink wax-doll morality?

It is monstrous that the people should judge or depose their king, for they would then be judges in their own cause.

The Civil War, be it noted, did not depose the insolent Britisher from his bad eminence in the schoolboy imagination.