Deposited [verb]

Definition of Deposited:

locate, put in place for safekeeping

Synonyms of Deposited:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deposited:

Sentence/Example of Deposited:

With a month and a half left before the end of the year, the IRS is racing to get checks out or make direct deposits to millions of Americans.

If the candidate who requests the recount ends up winning the race after a recount, that deposit would be returned.

If there is still some lime deposit left, you might need to use a commercial lime cleaner.

This allows other cleaning agents and surfactants to work better, and if you use it in higher concentrations, you can actually eliminate solid mineral deposits in your appliances.

Last year Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh sued the company for its management practices, alleging that the company collects illegitimate fees for applications and evictions, and illegally claims tenants’ security deposits.

The financial incentives on the table, which involve a deposit into the employee’s health savings account, come amid the pandemic, as the district is looking for ways to cut costs.

The government had long considered offloading the deposit, and in 2017 sold the field in an auction to Polyus and a state partner, which the mining company later bought out.

The venture capital firm also notes that the pool of clients that can be acquired on the cheap is shrinking, while fewer of those customers are transferring their direct deposits over to challenger banks.

Because BofA funds its gigantic, nearly $1 trillion in loans almost entirely with ultra-low-cost deposits, it’s bound to generate big and growing profits, as long as it holds overhead and credit costs in check.

For a start, loosely-regulated space mining could result in the destruction of deposits that could hold invaluable scientific information.