Deposits [noun]

Definition of Deposits:

down payment; money saved

Synonyms of Deposits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deposits:

Sentence/Example of Deposits:

It is a very common error to consider these deposits as evidence of excessive excretion.

The percentage of reserves to deposits, which marks the safety line for England, refers to the items in the banking department.

Four stairs from the bottom it turns round at right angles and deposits you fairly in the hall.

In South Africa gold and diamonds are plentiful; and Newfoundland has wonderful deposits of iron ore.

Soon after large deposits of it were found in Ichaboe; and it has since been brought from many other localities.

Apatite, or mineral phosphate of lime, is found in large deposits in different places.

It is in these latter deposits exclusively that the arenaria, or sand pits, are found.

In two months his deposits from sales had amounted to something like a hundred dollars.

We have already noted the fact that the basin of a dead sea becomes in course of time the seat of extensive salt deposits.

These were frequently buried beneath deposits of stalagmite and other materials that must have taken a long time to accumulate.