Depravation [noun]

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When the Boston being abandons himself—or herself—to fashion, she suffers a depravation into something quite lurid.

It is a voluptuous excess in drink to the depravation of reason.

Now, no such depravation appears in the versions printed by Percy, Scott, and Jamieson.

Thus every legislation "has for its consequence at once the enslavement of society and the depravation of the legislators."

The depravation of manners, as savage as they were corrupt, is marked by the presence of the emperor himself.

That it hath been still copied out and preserved without any such depravation or corruption as might frustrate its ends.

How far this comedy contributed to the subsequent depravation of Roman character, it is difficult to say.

Gulosity is the general nature of it: excess is the matter: depravation of reason is its special form.

It does but prove how early and how widespread is this depravation of the Text.

Like gambling, they work, in but too many cases, a permanent depravation of all moral principle and all moral habits.