Deprecating [verb]

Definition of Deprecating:

belittle, condemn

Opposite/Antonyms of Deprecating:

Sentence/Example of Deprecating:

"My concern is for the august maiden who has found favor in your sight," replied Kano, with a deprecating gesture.

Demurringly and with deprecating shakes of the head, she begins hanging wreaths about the walls of the room.

His eyes smiled at her, suave, deprecating, delighted eyes and recklessly observant.

She was very angry with Crozier, for it was absurd, that look of deprecating homage, that "Hush-she-is-coming" in his eyes.

Ellen Bayliss looked up from her sewing to throw this in, with her air of deprecating courtesy.

He leaned from his horse to speak to her: his voice a low sad wail, his words apparently those of deprecating prayer.

He put up his hand in a deprecating way, as if asking me to hush.

One of his brothers wrote to Irving, deprecating the attack.

"I was only speaking of him socially," said Van Loo, with a deprecating smile.

There was a servile hump to his shoulders; a deprecating instability in his glance greeted the boy.