Deprecatory [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Deprecatory:

“Vait a minit, sir,” said Mr. Weller, raising his hand in a deprecatory manner.

By making the customary modest deprecatory remarks about Great Britain, they induced me to unbosom myself with honest candor.

The General made a deprecatory gesture, and was on the point of saying something, when the man of the house spoke up.

Fields inquired in a deprecatory manner which made Burns long to twist his neck.

He has a glossy dark moustache, large and pensive dark eyes, a nicely deprecatory manner, and a beautifully conciliatory smile.

The intonation of his voice, his solemn almost deprecatory smile, set me off and I laughed till the tears ran down my face.

The dog was licking his hands, and whining softly, his tail agitating in deprecatory wags.

Pardon me,” said the middy, with a deprecatory air, “a sneeze is sometimes difficult to repress.

De Vasselot turned with a deprecatory shrug of the shoulders, and busied himself with the girths of his saddle.

The colonel, who was always gentle in manner, made a deprecatory gesture with the great riding-whip that he invariably carried.