Depressant [noun]

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Another side is when you’re on anti-depressants, the hookup physiology may not work.

The disease is very severe, painful, and depressant, but the mortality is quite low except in complication with other maladies.

In large doses chloral hydrate is a depressant to the circulation and the respiration, and also lowers the temperature.

But the weakening and deteriorating effect of this pernicious narcotic, water-absorbing, depressant drug poison is unmistakable.

But, unfortunately, acetanilid is also the one with the most depressant action on the heart.

As a stimulant Capsicum has the power of neutralizing depressant remedies like Lobelia and Tobacco.

The speech reaction showed a positive depressant effect of 3 per cent.

It lowers blood-pressure by paralyzing the vaso-motor centers and by a direct depressant action upon the heart muscle.

It paralyzes respiration finally by a secondary depressant action upon the respiratory center.

Tobacco, and especially cigarettes, being a depressant upon the heart, should be positively forbidden.