Depressive [adjective]

Definition of Depressive:

overwhelming, repressive

Opposite/Antonyms of Depressive:

Sentence/Example of Depressive:

For teenagers predisposed to depression and anxiety, “a lot of alone time with your depressive thoughts is not great,” says Nicole McGarry, a Northern Virginia therapist who works with a lot of young people.

To treat chronic pain, depressive disorders, or other serious illnesses, get your doctor’s recommendations first.

A month after receiving two doses of the psychedelic drug, 13 people had big drops in depressive symptoms, researchers report November 4 in JAMA Psychiatry.

They estimate that StrongMinds prevents the equivalent of one year of severe major depressive disorder for a woman at a cost of around $248 — a pretty good deal, especially when you consider this helps the woman as well as her dependents.

O direct (dhe common o) can nedher assume o, dhe servile ov o depressive (oo); nor u, hwich wood seem its partner in a dipthong.

For dhis rezon, goald must no longuer be robbed ov its depressive servile, wonce legally seen in gould.

This was the first triumphant conclusion, but afterward came reaction and a depressive doubt.

In the excited stage of manic-depressive insanity it is not uncommon to find that the memory is abnormally active.

Of the two terms (folie circulaire and manic-depressive insanity) the latter is the more correct.

The mental symptoms, in short, are very similar to those of the elevated stage of manic-depressive insanity.