Depthless [adjective]

Definition of Depthless:

not deep

Synonyms of Depthless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depthless:

Sentence/Example of Depthless:

She came nearer, and her eyes seemed depthless dusky in her pale face.

In her arms she cradled the Prophet, who stared solemnly at Barres out of depthless green eyes.

I heard them whispering in the gloom, while the stars blinked at me from a depthless heaven overhead.

Perhaps she trembled slightly; and her eyes were simply depthless shadows under her brows.

He laughed instead,—a single deep note of utter and depthless scorn.

As he strode forward into the depthless sea of darkness a whippoorwill called.

Without any effort he pushed the entire sapling out of sight in the depthless silt.

Death lay depthless on either hand; ahead Death blocked the trail in silence.

There was a dismal depthless gulf of painful silence between the honeymooners for a long time.

A vast and depthless cleft already divided them from to-day.