Depths [noun]

Definition of Depths:

distance down or across

Synonyms of Depths:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depths:

Sentence/Example of Depths:

With a groan, wrung from the very depths of his heart, he tossed the man a gold-piece; another to the woman.

She spoke with such a serious, tender grace, that Gordon seemed stirred to his depths again.

Her last words floated back from the depths of the corridor; a clock was striking and she had pattered off hastily.

In the depths of her steady gaze he saw shadows, far away, behind the open expression.

These bogs are of all depths from a few inches to thirty or forty feet, though the very shallow have generally been reclaimed.

He was a refuge from herself; in his imperious demands her memory slept, her depths were stagnant.

Her eyes were very bright, no shadows in their depths; she returned his gaze with untroubled frankness.

If you can overturn a rock whose roots are embedded in the depths of ocean, you may hope to turn him from his purpose.

A Cremona Violin is, to a rich amateur, a loadstone that is sure to attract the shining metal from the depths of his purse.

In the depths of his being, below an immense horizon, shone joy, luring him onward and brightening as it did so.