Deranged [adjective]

Definition of Deranged:

crazy, insane

Synonyms of Deranged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deranged:

Sentence/Example of Deranged:

She seeks to become an influencer on social media and is really a person of this new landscape for right-wing media, building her way up in popularity by embracing increasingly deranged conspiracy theories.

“Girl A,” by Abigail DeanThe height of a pandemic might not be the ideal time to read a novel about six English children held captive at home and abused by their deranged parents.

It’s kind of like Freakonomics Radio for psychology, but a little looser, a little more personal, occasionally deranged.

The petty squabbles, the insulting tweets, the deranged conspiracy theories — the things that the Never Trumpers and most other Americans find off-putting are exactly what endears him to the Republican base.

Normally, this deranged grin-grimace only surfaces after Kipchoge has dispatched all of his rivals and is soloing his way to glory.

It seems an odd thing to say, but upon my word I am afraid that, at times, he is a little deranged.

But, unfortunately, barometers of every construction are very easily damaged or deranged.

This proceeding drove the Pasha of the place almost deranged, and he died soon afterwards.

The country was in wide-spread confusion, paralyzed in its commerce, its currency utterly deranged.

Now Wilde and Strauss have simply drawn an erotic and half-deranged Oriental woman as they imagine she may have been.