Derisory [adjective]

Definition of Derisory:

easily made fun of

Synonyms of Derisory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Derisory:

Sentence/Example of Derisory:

Steno was accused before the Quarantia and let off with a punishment which the Doge regarded as derisory.

"Come and shew yer ticket o' leave," urged Culling with derisory finger outstretched to indicate the forces of law and order.

The term astrology had none of the unfortunate or derisory signification that it has at the present time.

The slightest glance of amused and derisory intelligence passed between them as the Complete Sportsman plunged into the game.

Emitting a long streamer of smoke, he summed up the whole thing in a nutshell with a derisory—Pouf!

There are no longer insinuating and derisory shakings of the head in the presence of his works.

He tried to sell it, and the offers he received were quite derisory.

"I'm afraid I used a few of them roughly," he said with look derisory.

It is a contemptible and derisory gift for luck, like vituperative outcries.

She gave him a derisory little nod—and in a minute was well up the lawn, towards the castle.