Deriving [verb]

Definition of Deriving:

deduce a conclusion

Synonyms of Deriving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deriving:

Sentence/Example of Deriving:

The “Gateways” include pictures derived from those drawn by migrant children held in detention.

The students that created the film used a tool derived from GPT-3 called Shortly Read to write the screenplay.

When the closures are complete, the two chains will derive 80% of revenue online and from stores outside malls.

One sticking point worrying some on the Street is the portion of revenues Tesla derives through the sale of emissions credits.

Physicists eventually derived at least 10 alternative mathematical expressions for tunneling time, each reflecting a different perspective on the tunneling process.

It only seems that way because too much of neuroscience has focused on favorite theories derived from a few pet systems.

The name Didirri was very likely derived from Dadirri, the Aboriginal word for the concept of inner deep listening and a quiet still awareness.

In the 1960s, researchers witnessed an alarming — and rising — number of chronic hepatitis cases in patients who had received multiple blood transfusions or other treatments derived from donated blood.

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NPS is derived through a diagnostic test that measures the willingness of a consumer to recommend a product or service to others.