Derma [noun]

Definition of Derma:

outer covering, especially of animate being

Synonyms of Derma:

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Sentence/Example of Derma:

On its bursting, the blood flowed through the derma or thick skin over a round surface of the diameter of about half an inch.

Directly after the rupture of the vesicle and the escape of the fluid, blood begins to ooze from the bare derma.

It enters through small holes in the derma into a subdermal cavity, which separates the membrane from the bulk of the sponge.

The connective-tissue elements in the derma are also swollen, and exhibit reversion to the embryonal state.

It is not only admissible, but preferable, not to wound the derma at all.

The true skin, lying beneath the cuticle; also called the derma.

At a later period extravasations of a larger size and more irregular form occur in the deeper layers of the derma.

In the mucous membranes extravasations of greater or less extent may occur, as in the derma.

The abraded derma exudes a sero-purulent fluid which excites troublesome pruritus.

The proximate cause in both of these conditions is congestion of the vascular rete of the derma.