Derogation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Derogation:

But the bad management of the French farmers is no derogation from the just praise of its rich soil.

They did not possess it; they were born into some tendency to derogation, into an inclination for things mentally inexpensive.

Never before was a time when derogation was always so near, a daily danger, or when the reward of resisting it was so great.

Perhaps I may, without derogation from the dignity of my subject, speak of the endowment as partly personal and partly entailed.

To do little things instead of big may be a derogation; a great deal will depend upon the way the little things are done.

It is to escape this derogation of the general laws of mechanics that we have invented the ether.

For one who does not yet know geometry, this translates itself simply by a derogation of the law stated above.

All statutes—all amendments to the Constitution—in derogation of natural rights, should be strictly construed.

It is a false notion, and contrary to nature, that this passion in a woman is a derogation to her sex.

To make simple narrative out of dramatic material, is a derogation, a piece of levity.