Describable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Describable:

The cowboys had on Tam O'Shanter caps and wore not describable togs.

And the 'good' we are now considering can surely be not less describable than these.

They expect in general to grow, but in what direction, to what describable results, they never stop to think.

One of the subtlest fallacies by which we miss believing in an earnest God is not describable as an opinion.

For a whole day we crept through the skirts of the Hoima forest, amid an exuberance of vegetation which is scarcely describable.

The positivists have bound themselves to admit that theirs is nothing unless describable.

What followed was communication of a sort, not in words or in any describable flow of thoughts.

Wars as historical events are not completely describable in terms of these laws.

To this extraordinary velocity is due the fact that the visitation is best describable by the term "blizzard."

Fees payable, on a contingency: a contingency not describable without more time and labour, than would be paid for by the result.