Described [verb]

Definition of Described:

explain in speech, writing

Opposite/Antonyms of Described:

Sentence/Example of Described:

In 1998, she co-wrote a law review article, titled “Catholic Judges in Capital Cases,” that described the tensions.

She described the recent wave of mergers as “marriages of weakness,” not strength.

As we described it back in 2017, “The company’s app lets people find out who, nearby, is already heading out to a restaurant that they like, then tack on an order of their own.”

In climate science, vulnerability generally describes the likelihood that a country will experience negative impacts from storms and other extreme weather events.

A high school teacher in Arlington gave students a question that asked them to insert the name of a chemical element to fill out a sentence describing how George Floyd died beneath the knee of a Minneapolis police officer in May.

The word several Fox people have used to describe him is “raw.”

In the nearly three pages devoted to Posey, Custis described his carriage, skill, exacting demeanor and love of fine clothes, comparing him to a “veriest dandy.”

Visitors on a recent Tuesday described the museum as lonely, even somber.

A journalist and psychologist attempts to answer that question while describing her journey.

He describes sheltering in place early on in the pandemic with a friend who has an autoimmune deficiency and lung disorder.