Describes [verb]

Definition of Describes:

explain in speech, writing

Opposite/Antonyms of Describes:

Sentence/Example of Describes:

Be Bry in his History of Brazil describes its use and also some interesting particulars concerning the plant.

This work describes the fops and men of fashion of its time, and shows how popular the custom of tobacco taking had become.

This phrase describes the locating of the college, and is therefore a relation by Concurrence.

We find these figures in “Chance,”‌ which by Concurrence describes the risk they ran.

Barillet describes the growing of the common jasmine near Constantinople.

Ben Jonson loved the 'durne weed,' and describes its every accident with the gusto of a connoisseur.

He describes ladders of ropes, with wooden steps, and iron hooks to grip the wall top.

Lamarck describes this shell from a specimen found by Peron.

An architect by profession, Kashkin describes him as a very gifted amateur.

Jerome also describes their appearance at the same period in words which are almost equally applicable to-day.