Describing [verb]

Definition of Describing:

explain in speech, writing

Opposite/Antonyms of Describing:

Sentence/Example of Describing:

He also described reading widely to buttress his leadership skills—mostly biographies of figures like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Howard Hughes, but also science treatises like Steven Wolfram’s A Project to Find the Fundament Theories of Physics.

Thoughtful, personal communication has also been key, said Mark Hoplamazian, CEO of Hyatt Hotels, who describes the year for the company and the travel industry as “extraordinarily painful.”

That’s the word Superintendent Cindy Marten chose to describe the state of the district during her annual speech this week.

“Unstoppable” is not exactly the adjective that Delphine Duckett, a grandmother of six, would have chosen to describe the district’s operations.

In order to properly classify mosaics, Domokos started describing them with two numbers.

Kendall said he left the voicemail on June 1 telling the woman that while they didn’t know each other, he had read a letter describing harassment by the attorney general and offered to put her in touch with a lawyer if she needed one.

The scenarios described cover multiple sectors—chemical, transportation, health care, and public health, and possibly more.

The researchers described their findings online October 5 in Nature Climate Change.

Another challenge, Sadigh says, is that the approach assumes knowledge of the best way to describe a collaborator’s behavior.

Because of the pandemic, none of the people I spoke to planned to visit the memorial on Veterans Day, but they all described wanting to eventually see it up close.