Descry [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Descry:

They can descry waveless water, seemingly as tranquil as a pond.

He looked hard into the branches and their wilderness of fresh leaves, but could descry nothing.

And yet, and yet—as I gazed I could descry a striking resemblance to our own waterhole except that this was more shut in.

He is so eager to descry differences, that he overlooks similarities—nay, identities.

They strung themselves out along the road, they went up to the hilltops, in order to descry the carriage sooner.

They have wide streets, simply to embarrass you, by making it impossible to descry a shop or a friend.

This foot once planted on the goal, This glory-garland round my soul, Could I descry such?

"We're too late," groaned one of the men, as he peered through the darkness, trying to descry the hull of the vessel.

And Forbes could descry the muffled outlines of fingers clutching the heavy fabric.

The warders at Berwick no longer look out from the castle walls to descry the glitter of Southron spears.