Deserter [noun]

Definition of Deserter:

fugitive from responsibility

Synonyms of Deserter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deserter:

Sentence/Example of Deserter:

Shafer Canyon Road rises from the Utah desert like a coiled snake, six switchbacks and 1,200 vertical feet of sandy, sunbaked malice poised between us and lunch, beers and one final killer view.

The temperature has hit the mid-80s, and the desert is squeezing hydration from our bodies.

Kyler Murray’s heave through the desert sky and into DeAndre Hopkins’s padlock-strength hands was an unbelievable play that, with perspective, only grows in its improbability.

It won’t be widely flown for several months as airlines must first train pilots, inspect jets emerging from long desert sojourns and complete the FAA-mandated repairs.

Instead, he’s more like an oasis in the desert, there to give Ayton and Booker the fuel they need to reach another level — and, if all goes according to plan, help take the Suns back to the playoffs in the process.

Pre-pandemic, you could make pasta in Florence or tour the desert in Oman with locals.

Sometimes the dust appeared to have risen off of a nearby desert in northwestern India.

Most of the time, Greg Sankey is so dry he can make a desert jealous.

For Rachel Hopman, Sara LoTemplio, and other graduate students mentored by David Strayer, a psychologist at the University of Utah, bringing such tools to the desert was the logical next step in their efforts to understand the brain on nature.

The mesmerizing Utah desert of red sandstone is the last place one would expect to find machines for measuring brain activity.