Deserves [verb]

Definition of Deserves:

be entitled to

Synonyms of Deserves:

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Sentence/Example of Deserves:

This is one of the most striking manifestations of the better side of child-nature and deserves a chapter to itself.

One other illustration of this keen childish dialectic when face to face with the accuser deserves to be touched on.

He's a lucky beggar, Reginald, a very lucky beggar, and Warrender's daughter is more than he deserves.

For Kum Kale and for what he has done, suffered and lost he deserves great Kudos in his country.

It isn't in the average man to be utterly callous to the suffering of another, even if that other richly deserves his pain.

"Jack certainly deserves great credit for jumping in after you," said Pepper, warmly.

As all men are what heredity and environment have made them, no man deserves punishment nor reward.

Mr. Nell, is an excellent man, and deserves the patronage of the public.

Dr. Bias deserves the more credit for his progress in life, as he is entirely self-made.

But this pleasantry, excellent as pleasantry, hardly deserves serious refutation.