Deserving [adjective]

Definition of Deserving:

worthy, meritorious

Synonyms of Deserving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deserving:

Sentence/Example of Deserving:

All this will, doubtless, throw a number of deserving persons out of employ.

But it is at least deserving of notice, that the very few apparent exceptions to this rule evidently tend to confirm it.

Colchester is an interesting town, deserving of much longer time than we were able to stay.

Lewis Hayden, of Boston, is well deserving a place among the examples of character here given.

She did so many things deserving punishment that the teacher was often perplexed to know what course to take with her.

They look like two needles, and certainly are more deserving of the name than that of Cleopatra at Alexandria.

Such attentions are doubly deserving of thanks, when it is remembered at what a great amount of trouble they are procured.

The shepherd turns away, he says, the goats on the left, and embraces with his right hand the well-deserving lambs.

I was young, ambitious; and Love and I were at that moment the only figures in the universe really deserving attention!

Whatever moneys might be realised were to be paid over to the bishops for the benefit of the deserving poor.