Desiccated [verb]

Definition of Desiccated:

take moisture out of

Dried out or totally drained of moisture.

Synonyms of Desiccated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Desiccated:

Sentence/Example of Desiccated:

The ash beneath the stones where the eggs were found was only slightly moist; one clump of eggs was partially desiccated.

The road and the buildings look dry and desiccated, the harbour rather weary and end of the world.

Heaps of the books that have been written about the Bible are desiccated to the last grain of their dust.

The Seine no longer rolls its waves under Harfleur; and the desiccated harbor is now seen as a verdant meadow.

Frequently the child will scratch them off with the finger nails before they are entirely desiccated.

I started breaking off chunks of this desiccated Martian vegetation, and my companion caught the idea and brought in an armful.

And is the desiccated or dry malt extract to be preferred to the ordinary sticky article?

When he removed his cigar, his face looked smaller than ever, as though desiccated by the fumes of the tobacco.

One-half cup desiccated cocoanut soaked in one cupful of milk, two eggs, one small cupful of sugar, butter the size of an egg.

The beans are left standing in the fields until both plants and pods, shrivelled by the sun, are completely desiccated.