Designated [verb]

Definition of Designated:

name, entitle

Synonyms of Designated:

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Sentence/Example of Designated:

(b) To open the Treasury vault, the presence of two persons designated by the Secretary of the Treasury is required.

The combination of the safe set apart for the use of the board will be controlled by two persons designated by the board.

As far above the interference of man as is the government of the external universe, is that designated the covenant, as ordained.

A case may arise in which other persons than those designated by statute may call a meeting.

They need not be named if they can be otherwise identified, and may be designated in a separate paper prepared for that purpose.

Even the Jews designated the grave as Beth-ha-haim, the house of the living, rather than the house of the dead.

Special solemnities among the people of Israel were designated feasts.

Widow of a workman named Pierre alias Bougival; she was usually designated by the latter name.

Afterwards claqueur in a theatre under Braulard, and designated at that time by the name of Idamore.

Mme. de Chaulieu gave her husband the three children designated in the duc's biography.