Designed [verb]

Definition of Designed:

plan, outline

Synonyms of Designed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Designed:

Sentence/Example of Designed:

In this little room the galleries had been designed; the windows had looked upon the commencement of the great work.

The text of the amendments designed to carry out these recommendations will be submitted by the Board at an early date.

The so-called war credit banks are designed to serve this purpose.

Of the Ten Commandments, seven are designed as defences of the possessions and prerogatives of God and the property-owner.

Each country has its peculiar and native rendering of every sound hole that was first designed in Italy.

When pure and of close hard grain it is used as a refractory for lining furnaces, especially those designed for anthracite.

When thus indefinitely used, it must be understood as designed to bear individually each signification.

He designed it entirely himself; he had not to compete for the building of it, but had carte blanche in regard to every detail.

Half an inch taller than Kerry, she fully merited the compliment designed by that trite apothegm, "a fine woman."

The organ is inclosed in a case designed by Mr. Arthur Hill after old renaissance examples.