Designer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Designer:

His zero-waste yarn is now slowly garnering the attention of sustainable designers around the world.

Our June Insights puzzle featured a designer puppy named Dax who is a “Pomsky,” combining a Siberian husky’s handsome wolflike face with the size and fluffiness of a Pomeranian.

A human designer then selects the best options to present to the client.

The celebrated graphic designer had just turned 90 years old, perhaps defying expectations that he would live so long given his battle with kidney disease and a cornucopia of small pains and ticks that appear with age.

Within the mask market, a small high-end segment has emerged in the form of pricey designer masks and sought-after styles that trade at a premium on resale sites.

That is, DNA origami may help us make a new generation of highly efficient designer vaccines.

If your site doesn’t pass muster, consider updating it yourself or consulting a professional designer.

Battery designers use a computer chip to control the charge level.

That doesn’t sound like what the designers of the Swedish rental system were going for.

You stayed there for five days, with your very good friend, Daisy Hennifer, the jewelry designer.