Desirability [noun]

Definition of Desirability:

advantage, worth

Opposite/Antonyms of Desirability:

Sentence/Example of Desirability:

Publishers must think strategically about making their inventory as desirable and addressable as possible.

NAP consistency is a vital ranking factor that can either plummet your business in the eyes of search engines, or it can help you reach those topmost desirable spots in the SERPs.

As long as the US remains a desirable place for people to study and work, some proportion of them will stay, and contribute their skills and energies here instead of taking them back home.

We need to expand that and move it out further into those areas so that they are more desirable for people to move into.

However, there are different streams, priorities within those, and a fully 100% cloud-native environment may not be achievable or desirable.

Much of his work has centered on the idea that losing control of our thoughts is not only normal, but desirable.

As climate change makes fresh water harder to find in some places, flushing away clean water may look less and less desirable.

Reversing course now would be extremely difficult, even if it were desirable.

A new copper-based material might help chemists recycle an unwanted greenhouse gas into a desirable green fuel.

Both spent much of their careers designing carbon polymers — essentially, plastic nanoparticles — with specific, desirable properties.