Desired [verb]

Definition of Desired:

want, long for

Opposite/Antonyms of Desired:

Sentence/Example of Desired:

He desired his secretary to go to the devil, but, thinking better of it, he recalled him as he reached the door.

Particularly was this the case with Davout, who since 1809 had suspected that Berthier desired to ruin his reputation.

I desired the captain would please to accept this ring in return of his civilities, which he absolutely refused.

Each one congratulated himself that his special teachings had accomplished this desired end.

The rest is done by cutting away two upper and four under-teeth, and substituting false ones at the desired angle.

He sealed the letter, addressing it to Cannes; called a waiter, late as it was, and desired him to post it.

They were the very words that she desired to hear from him; yet his manner of uttering them gave her little reassurance.

Siyes desired a man who would overthrow the Directory and establish a dictatorship: Barras was coquetting with the Bourbons.

Still, he said, if France desired to entrust her independence and glory to one man she could choose none better than Bonaparte.

"The Seorita is a pearl of prudence and discretion: do whatever she desired you," said Alphonse.