Desks [noun]

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It can be easily rolled under a desk and kept out of the way, and rolled out when needed.

He sat at a desk and listened to his briefers, which included some boldface names from the Obama administration.

In 2011, Slootman was recruited to run ServiceNow, at the time a small software developer focused on the help desk market.

“On the retail front, it’s been very different than the past few years,” says Karen Chang who heads an options trading desk at Bank of America.

Pair these five-inch shorts with the Athena crop top for a set of basics that will take you from home desk to trail to swimming hole and back again without losing a beat.

This says students aren’t going to be little robots at desks all day practicing what’s on a test.

Many classrooms may have tall pieces of clear plastic between desks and in front of the teacher.

So, step away from your computer and ditch the desk-side dining.

He created a business development center to consolidate online leads, and he placed its desk prominently just inside the front door.

At his desk sat his secretary, who had been a witness of the interview, lost in wonder almost as great as the Seneschal's own.