Desktop [noun]

Definition of Desktop:

personal computer

Synonyms of Desktop:

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Sentence/Example of Desktop:

Google is rolling out the messaging functionality within the Google My Business desktop interface.

Take for instance a cool company I covered a little while back called Hebbia, which is reinventing search on the desktop.

People who have installed the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials browser extension on desktop browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge, now have the Global Privacy Control setting turned on by default.

Storing all your documents and photos on your computer desktop is a great way to save paper and space, but sometimes you want something more tangible and easier to access.

In recent years, the company launched Acrobat on the web, but it was never quite as fully featured as the desktop version, and one capability a lot of users were looking for, editing text and images in PDFs, remained a desktop-only feature.

During one tour, he proudly pointed to his desktop computer, where he can track his drivers at any given moment, knowing how many deliveries they have made and how many remain.

You should also go through your desktop programs, as they’re often not as well set up as mobile apps when it comes to restoring everything from the cloud.

In that section Google said it now supports displaying price drop rich results on snippets within English in the US, on both desktop and mobile search.

People jump around from device to device, creating a personal network from desktop to laptop to tablet to phone.

At the top end of the line, the RTX 3080 claims it can achieve frame rates as high as 100 fps at 1440p resolution, which is impressive even in the world of desktops.