Desperately [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Desperately:

“Otherwise, it was a desperate, vomitous attack on every American who bothered to vote,” he said.

Tetzlaff proposed capturing that water, treating and reselling it to Southern California utilities, which are desperate for more local supplies.

By that point, he was desperate to get his inner life back on track and hoped that therapy might make a difference.

People are getting so desperate and it’s our own country’s fault.

The company was cofounded by Hennes Weiss, an Austrian music promoter, who is desperate to revive the live-music scene that is currently locked down across much of Europe.

At the simplest level, higher levels of polarization will make parties more desperate to win, which in turn will push them to adapt the strategies needed to win in the system they inhabit.

This seasonal wetland was especially important in 2019, when severe drought left human and animal populations alike desperate for water.

Brands and retailers are desperate to get their employees to post on TikTok.

Throughout her childhood Eleanor Roosevelt was desperate for the approval of Theodore Roosevelt.

No one, none of my friends really understand how desperate it has come to be wanting your papers.