Desperateness [noun]

Definition of Desperateness:


Synonyms of Desperateness:

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Sentence/Example of Desperateness:

They sent out desperate fundraising pleas for its legal defense fund.

These actions are desperate attempts by desperate adversaries.

What we have seen in the last year or two was … a desperate flight to consumer revenue for those who are not in it already.

For weeks, the California Democrat has been drawing a tough line with a president increasingly desperate to produce a pre-Election Day achievement as he lags in polls.

If the South Korean claims are true, however, Lee would join a select group who have attempted the desperate journey across one of the world’s most dangerous borders.

Flights to nowhere are a desperate attempt by airlines to scrounge up sales.

The Miami Heat, coming off a desperate Game 3 victory, were within striking distance of tying the series during a pivotal Game 4.

In fact I couldn’t see anyone anywhere except for a family on top of their SUV, getting taken for a sideways ride and looking desperate.

The only largish community the pipeline crosses — Coos Bay, population 16,415 — is desperate for whatever jobs the project might offer.

This was not ideal for many who lost their income during the pandemic and were just scraping by, desperate for the stimulus funds to hit their accounts.