Despised [verb]

Definition of Despised:

look down on

Synonyms of Despised:

Opposite/Antonyms of Despised:

Sentence/Example of Despised:

Wharton smiled at this littleness in so great a man, but determined that he should feel the power he despised.

This new-found joy I long pursued in secret, afraid lest it should be discovered and despised as a folly.

He was an outlaw, hunted and despised, depending for his life on the caprice of a fickle-minded woman.

Banquets and feasting offered little attraction to the hero, and he despised riches and rank.

I should have despised myself forever if I had not believed in him and been true, she reasoned.

He despised what he called book-larning, and suffered his only son to grow up as ignorant and clownish as himself.

It was worth the trial, and I despised myself for laying down my arms without a struggle.

I always thought that people wore it very very short if they despised the conventions of society.

Never had her solemn vows of obedience been so utterly despised; never had the temptation to evil been so rife in her heart.

However, he managed to hold them sufficiently high and to adapt himself to the despised saddle of a girl.