Despite [preposition]

Definition of Despite:

in spite of, regardless of

Synonyms of Despite:

Opposite/Antonyms of Despite:


Sentence/Example of Despite:

The conclusion is reached that, despite these drawbacks, the Jesuit mission in Canada has made a hopeful beginning.

Some critics feel that, despite much that is desirable in her work, the soul is lacking in the women she paints.

Hunter-Weston despite his heavy losses will be advancing to-morrow which should divert pressure from you.

Long Jack was a prominent, but despite his joviality, it seems to me a pathetic figure.

Despite the arrogant manner of his address, Garnache felt prepossessed in the newcomer's favour.

It was a bad day to lie wounded and ill and a prisoner, and despite the cooling showers, it was a hot day to ride far and fast.

The English gave way, and, despite his utmost efforts, Valence was driven from the field.

Tommy walked smartly up to her, despite the stern gaze of a suspicious policeman on the opposite side of the street.

Despite his own grief, he is sorry for the young man; nor is he convinced in his shrewd bourgeois mind of the latter's guilt.

Ibrahim was twenty, but he was completely a boy, despite his great height and his tried capacities as a dragoman.