Despondence [noun]

Definition of Despondence:


Opposite/Antonyms of Despondence:

Sentence/Example of Despondence:

Mr. Tyrold now sat down, with an air between calmness and despondence, saying, 'And how has this come to pass?'

What a world of all feelings, which forbid despondence, lies hoarded in the hearts of the young!

Those talks did her good, they set the real Humfrey before her, and braced her to strive against weakness and despondence.

From such lonely despondence as she had never known he had lifted her into a new and brighter world.

Yet it was not in Alan Fairford's nature to give way to despondence, even when seconded by pain.

And yielding to despondence on account of his sons, which he felt not upon his own, the father rested his head upon his hand.

Your words, dear Bramble, have in a great measure recalled me from an abyss of despondence, in which I have been long overwhelmed.

The milder degrees of poverty are, sometimes, supported by hope; but the more severe often sink down in motionless despondence.

Yet there is no good in despondence: vigilance and activity often effect more than was expected.

Mrs. Cregan was looking at the thick china with a sort of aggrieved despondence.