Despot [noun]

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We have seen it in the rise of other despots around the world.

Should not every rational prince perceive that the despot is but an insane man who injures himself?

The idea of a terrible God who was represented as a despot, must necessarily have rendered His subjects wicked.

This powerful chieftain was an absolute despot ruling over a tribe of fierce warriors, who knew no will but his.

There he lay, with his face upon the ground, humbly awaiting the stern despot's permission to move.

At last de B. ran upon "tyrant or despot," which he commuted for "emperor."

It was a military despotism and the emperor was a military despot.

And again: "He who wishes not to be a despot, or a slave, may speak freely."

A despot, grim and pitiless, was waiting for him round the corner.

The keynote is that though the natural man may not be inclined to despotism, the social man assuredly is disposed to be a despot.