Despotic [adjective]

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The most extraordinary and despotic measures were adopted by acclamation to meet the fearful emergency.

The manhood of Homestead rebelled: the millmen scorned the despotic ultimatum.

Fascination is despotic; beauty is something more tangible and independent of opinion.

Humble as Lecamus seemed to the outer world, he was despotic in his own home; there he was an autocrat.

Each sect has endeavored to make its God a monarch the most redoubtable, the greatest, the most despotic, and the most selfish.

Mazzini carefully dissociated himself alike from the laissez-faire school and a despotic state socialism.

They already furnish an exhilarating example of the difference between free governments and despotic misrule.

Paternal government, says the argument, works well; therefore, despotic government in a state will work well.

But love took possession of me as a passion, the mean, despotic passion which comes over some old men.

Here is a despotic mandate, 'to aid and assist in the prompt and efficient execution of this law.'