Despotism [noun]

Definition of Despotism:

absolute power

Synonyms of Despotism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Despotism:

Sentence/Example of Despotism:

France had been a direct and formal despotism for almost two hundred years.

The shackles of despotism, which began to be loosened on the 24th of August in Porto, are now bursting in this province.

This unheard-of despotism, this horrible political perjury, was certainly not merited by the good and generous Brazil.

Her ownership ranged from absolute despotism to humble slavery, and he was happy through it all.

Rely upon me, as I on you, and you will see democracy and despotism annihilated by rational liberty.

Priests in all times have shown themselves supporters of despotism, and the enemies of public liberty.

The object of the one party was to support Don Carlos and despotism; the other to uphold Isabella and the constitution.

They are merely historical monuments, to show despotism and superstition, and the degradation of the people.

He also wrote of events that occurred when liberty had fled, and the yoke of despotism was nearly insupportable.

For the next twenty-eight years the Hudson's Bay Company ruled this immense territory with beneficent despotism.