Destroyer [noun]

Definition of Destroyer:

a destructive agent

Synonyms of Destroyer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Destroyer:

Sentence/Example of Destroyer:

You can hear the destroyer coming and dropping the depth charges into the water, it’s just a matter of time.

Barnes & Noble has been tagged as either the savior or the destroyer of the book industry in its 100-year history.

The oil palm is a Shiva of the modern consumer economy, a great creator and a great destroyer.

It may well be that the Deccan Traps played the role of “a creator rather than a destroyer,” Lyson says.

But the rumble of distant guns told the destroyer that his short-lived hour of triumph was nearly sped.

Left on a picket boat with Birdie to board my destroyer to an accompaniment of various denominations of projectiles.

When the Turks saw a destroyer come bustling up at an unusual hour they said to themselves, "fee faw fum!"

Instead of being a destroyer of merchandise, this new craft was an unarmed carrier of merchandise.

The great mission of the submarine during the European war was as a commerce destroyer.

The British Navy must just get to work and build a submarine destroyer which will catch and destroy these nuisances.