Detailing [verb]

Definition of Detailing:

specify, make clear

Opposite/Antonyms of Detailing:

Sentence/Example of Detailing:

We engaged the guards in pleasant conversation, detailing incidents of the war.

The unfortunate boy whose history I am detailing finally became a proverb in his native town.

Once aboard and before they reached the Ranty he was detailing answers to some of Davy's questions.

Q were groaning on the ground, and the Captain was detailing men to carry them back to where the Surgeon had established himself.

I can lay claim to scrupulous exactness both in detailing facts and in reporting the remarks of others.

Bagenal, detailing his capture of Gleeson, and informing her that he hoped to be back in Ireland almost as soon as his letter.

McLean said he was very willing, ordered the driver to break line and load the log, detailing men to assist.

He had slipped already into the policeman's trick of detailing a past event in the present tense.

He could not afford to wait till the next day before seeing Thomasin and detailing his plan.

There is no detailing of all that; details, were they even known to an Editor at such distance, would weary every reader.