Detained [verb]

Definition of Detained:

hold, keep back; arrest

Synonyms of Detained:

Opposite/Antonyms of Detained:

Sentence/Example of Detained:

Alice had been wondering what had detained her so long, and by the time she arrived had become very much alarmed.

Nothing can prevent it, unless the castings are detained by contrary winds.

She had not met with an accident, but had been detained at Palatka waiting for a passenger of whom the captain had been apprised.

Assouan detained us for four days; then, time being important, we travelled back to Cairo by railway.

Florimond lay as near as La Rochette, detained there by a touch of fever, but promising to be at Condillac by the end of the week.

When he had left, madame sent Henrietta to bed; Sarah would have gone also, but her mother detained her.

Nothing detained the party further in Paris, and they prepared to start for King's Warren the next day.

"He has been detained," the queen said, ignoring a meaning smile that passed between the count and Prince Mazaroff.

It was late in the afternoon when Isabel arrived in Rosewater, and business detained her there for several hours.

Once or twice when he had been detained by business she had missed him, had put in a lonely and most unhappy evening.